Training Camps

Foto: Inge Guffens Media

Training camps

The water sports course in Tilburg is perfect for training camps for rowers and canoers who perform at both local club level as well as at national level.

We offer the following benefits:

• Calm, wide water course with very little commercial shipping;

• The course is more than 2000 metres long and 75 to 80 metres wide (four rowing lanes or six canoe lanes). In addition, there is a rowing track;

• Good coaching possibilities: a cycle path runs along the entire route so that you can follow the teams’ progress along the course at all times. Use of one of the boats of the SWT is also possible for even closer monitoring and coaching of the athletes;

• Large boat facilities, easily accessible for boat trailers and sufficient space to store boats;

• Changing rooms for men and women with showers and toilets;

• Excellent accommodation options at “Beekse Bergen” holiday park, within walking distance!

The Watersportbaan Tilburg Foundation manages the rowing course and the associated sites. When you use the accommodation  for rowing or canoeing, you therefore use the accommodation of the SWT. To do so, you must also enter into a user agreement with the SWT.

Coaching boats

You can use the SWT’s dinghies to coach the teams up close. It is also possible to take camera shots from the dinghies so that you can review the training with your rowers afterwards! The SWT has two dinghies which can be used per part of the day. The cost of fuel is included in the price.

The coaching boats have outboard motors with a speed of more than 20 km per hour. The pilot of the boat must therefore have at least the “small boat license 1”. When the boat is rented, the pilot must be able to show the navigation license. If the pilot does not have the required license, the boat will not be released for rent.

It is mandatory to have one or more lifejackets on board; the department of public works regularly checks this. The SWT does not provide lifejackets. The user is responsible for providing a suitable lifejacket on board for every person on the boat.

When you rent the coaching boat, a general explanation of the operation of the outboard motor will be given. After you have received the boat in good condition, Vidar will check the operation of the outboard motor. If damage to the boat or outboard motor is caused by the user, the user is liable to compensate the SWT for this damage. If you do not have the necessary licence, Vidar can provide a pilot for the coaching boat. If you wish, Vidar can also arrange a recording of the training session for you.

More information about the navigation license can be found on the website

Other facilities

You can book accommodation at holiday park “Beekse Bergen”. This means you and your team can stay overnight next to the rowing course and can enjoy a good night’s rest.


If you would like to use the course for a training camp, please complete the application form on this website. In the form, please enter the required data; after sending the form, you will immediately receive confirmation by email, after which the SWT will contact you within a few days.

Prices training camps

Monday to Thursday €4.00 per person per day, Friday to Sunday €5.00 per person per day.

This sum includes use of the water sports course, changing rooms and boat site.

Use of dinghies, tower, spans and/or starting installation can be booked at the rates below per day (part of).

Fees competitions

For competitions, SWT must request permission to halt commercial shipping from the Department of Public Works who is the administrator of the waterway. We will complete the application form in close consultation with the competition organisers. An event cannot take place safely without commercial shipping being stopped, so it is essential to book the course in time.

1. Use of water sports course – € 250 per competition day

2. Use of finish tower – € 100 per competition day

3. Use of boat site – € 100 per competition day

4. Use of changing rooms – € 150 per competition day

5. Use of coaching boats – € 80 per competition day (rental per part of the day: morning, afternoon, evening at € 40)

6. Use of over voltages – € 200 once only fee

7. Use of starting rafts and time registration system – € 150 once only fee

8. Use of ball line – Once only fee  € 150

All stated prices include 9% VAT.