Rules and regulations

Sailing and site rules

In regards to safety, the SWT and the three associations based on the course, have established various sailing and site regulations that every course user must comply with.


• The Watersportbaan Tilburg Foundation, hereinafter further referred to as “the SWT”.

• The Watersportbaan Tilburg, hereinafter referred to as “the water sports course”.

• The canal: those sections that are not part of the water sports course (narrow waterway towards Tilburg or under the bridge at Biest-Houtakker, towards Haghorst).

• Tilburg Open Rowing Association, hereinafter referred to as “TOR”

• Tilburg Student Rowing Association Vidar, hereinafter referred to as “Vidar”.

• Canoe Club-Tilburg, hereinafter referred to as “KCT”.

• TOR, Vidar and KCT: together called “the associations”.

• Those who use the water sports course and are invited by the associations hereinafter referred to as “guests”.

• Those who use the water sports course and have also indicated this to the board of the SWT or to the board of associations from hereinafter as “the visitors”.

• The associations, guests, visitors and other users of the water sports course: together called “the users”.

• Site: the land that has leased by the Municipality of Tilburg to SWT.

Taking into account that:

• the users must comply with the rules and regulations;

• there are crossing prohibitions and safety rules that must be observed.

• the associations are responsible for the safety of their members and guests and have made these rules known in writing before using the water sports course;

• when these rules are not complied with, and accidents result from this non-compliance, the boards and / or legal persons can be held liable if they have neglected the above obligation;

• these rules and crossing prohibitions are not covered exhaustively, and users of the water sports course also have their own responsibility when following regulations and crossing prohibitions. 


The general sailing rules are, except for competitions, always in place (good seamanship).

The users are expected to know the sailing rules on the water sports course.

The users must keep starboard.

The bows of uncontrolled rowing boats must be regularly turned around.

Unguided rowing boats may only sail on the water sports course and not on the canal.

Commercial shipping always has priority (take into account limited “visibility”, a blind spot of inland navigation skippers).

It is forbidden to round off bridges when they open.

It is forbidden to cross commercial shipping alongside.

It is mandatory to take fishers on the shore into account. Insofar as the safety of the rower/canoe is not at stake, it is possible to temporarily move to the middle (there may be fishing competitions).

As soon as safety is at stake, the users can divert to port. This insofar as a diversion to the starboard embankment is not possible.

The harbour traffic of the Beekse Bergen must be taken into account. At the height of the 500-metre point, boats may exit the harbour at all times.

Sparring sessions are only permitted at the time and insofar as the safety of the users is not at stake.

Different sailing regulations may apply during competitions. These will be announced through the website of the organising club at least two weeks before the competition. Decisions are always made in partnership with SWT.

Sailing bans:

The SWT can give users a warning in the event of a violation of one or more of the (sailing) regulations. Multiple warnings can result in a sailing ban or ground ban for users or their associations.

During storms, rowing boats are forbidden to sail (from wind force 6: 10.5 m / s). Canoeists, good seamanship is paramount here. In case of doubt, inexperienced teams should not take any risks. In case of doubt, the board of one of the associations must be consulted.

When visibility is less than 75 metres, sailing is sail. Guideline: sailing is forbidden if it is impossible to see the other side from the waterfront at Vidar or impossible to see the finish tower from the TOR quay.

Rowing and canoeing in the dark is only permitted with legally permitted lighting.

In the event of a thunderstorm, you must immediately stop rowing and leave the water.

Concerning the sailing bans, instructions given by the boards of the SWT and the associations must be followed. These boards have the right to declare a sailing ban for the entire course or parts of it.

A sailing ban may apply to competitions. This sailing ban will be announced at least one month before the race via the website of the SWT.

The SWT and the associations must ensure that the users know about the sailing ban. 

Site regulations 

Open fire is forbidden on the site!

Keep the access road free from obstacles due to possible incidents.

Park cars and boat trailers next to the access road or park in the designated places.

Retract protruding parts of boat trailers/trailers after loading and unloading.

Leave the site and sanitary facilities tidy.

After passing, close the gate at TOR at all times. This applies to coaches in particular.

No noise nuisance on the site (music and suchlike) after 10 pm.

Placing posts, masts, large tent pegs, etc. is prohibited without permission; this in connection with ground cables and pipes present)

Instructions given by SWT, Vidar, TOR and KCT board members must be followed.

For questions about the sailing and terrain rules, you can always contact board members of SWT, Vidar, TOR and KCT.