The Watersportbaan Tilburg was constructed as a widening of the existing Wilhelminakanaal as a competitive water sports course. Most competitions are rowing competitions, but canoeing and swimming races are also hosted here.

Inge Guffens Media
Foto: Inge Guffens Media

• The course is a four-lane competition course with a rowing course; for canoeing six instead of four lanes are used.

• There is a raft for the judges at the start at the Biest-Houtakker bridge. For competitions shorter than 2000 m, the float can also be used on, e.g. 1000 or 500 m.

• There is an alignment device at the start.

• In the start there are four boats in which, e.g. sea ​​scouts can hold the stern of the rowing boats and, on the instructions of a camp judge, ensure the boats are evenly aligned for the start.

• Spans with track number indications are located at 500, 1000 and 1500 metres.

• Time observation units to record intermediate times are located at 500, 1000 and 1500 metres. The times are communicated to the finish tower via a fixed telephone line.

• At 2000 metres , there is a 2-storey finish tower with a good view of a large part of the course and of course the finish. The tower contains a PC network (excluding PCs), a meeting room, separate counter tables, an issue desk and the necessary tools.

• The SWT has two coaching boats with an outboard motor which are available to rent.

To ensure competitions run smoothly and safely, the SWT can request shipping bans on the track from the competition organisers in consultation with the competition organisers.

As the Wilhelminakanaal is used for regular commercial shipping, the rowing course has a semi-permanent character. Facilities that obstruct the waterways (starting installation, course marking, distance marking, etc.) must be constructed and removed for every competition.

Procedure for booking the course.

The agenda shows the days that have already been booked or reserved for competitions or training camps.

In case that you want to organize a competition on this course, or if you would like to rent this course or, have any questions, please send an e-mail to the board of governors of the SWT. Please refer to the contact us page on this web site.