The Foundation Watersportbaan Tilburg (SWT) is the manager of the Watersportbaan.

The board consists of:

Cor van Hillo, Chairman
Jobs, Secretary
Marijke Brink, treasurer
Rob Schulte, vice-president, board member on behalf of TOR
Ad Spijkers, land commissioner, board behalf KCT
Edwin Stam, Umpire

The main tasks of the board are:

management and maintenance of the Watersportbaan and its grounds and materials,
organizing regular consultations with the three occupants or sports,
promoting the Watersportbaan,
perform all work associated with the hiring of the race track with sports organizations that want to use the track.

If you would like to contact the board, you are requested to do so by Contactform .

If you want to send something by mail:

Stichting Watersportbaan Tilburg,

c / o Beukenhorst 5,

5262 LG Vught